Oils & Medicines

Today, it is becoming more and more difficult to obtain authentic and natural Ayurvedic medicines. For the benefit of its guests, Somatheeram lays great worth on the impeccable quality of its medicines. We therefore produce medicines ourselves, under the strict control of our doctors.

Great pains are also taken by our research and development team to uphold the quality of our medicines. Somatheeram Production has been officially awarded the Certificate for Good Manufacturing Practice (GPM). Our production centre is the source of a total of about 225 Ayurvedic medicines and other products.


Traditional ayurvedic oil production

Production centre

Our production centre is
located in close proximity to
Somatheeram and is open to
visits from our guests at all times.

Handmade ayurvedic medicine

Hand-made medicines

Each medicine and oil
is made by hand in accordance
with ancient Ayurvedic tradition.

Production-Team in Somatheeram

The team

Experienced doctors and
staff are committed to the
purity and quality of our medicines.


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