Investor Relations

The Somatheeram Health Group is the oldest and most experienced operator of ayurvedic resorts in India – Somatheeram was founded more than 20 years ago and has been a story of success ever since. Not only, has Somatheeram participated a great deal into making “Ayurveda” as well known as it is nowadays in vast areas all over Europe, Somatheeram itself is by now known as the synonym for ayurvedic treatment in accordance with ayurvedic teachings on the highest level in this branch of trade. The German – Indian Management stands for quality and an enduring company policy.

In this starkly growing market, the trademark “SOMATHEERAM” is placed at the top level quality segment. This enables Somatheeram to offer extraordinary investment possibilities for an extremely lucrative profit margin.

In case of interest please contact our Project Manager, Mr. Lars Mallwitz:
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