Cucumber Casserole with Dill-Pomegranate-Sauce


For 4 persons

For the filling:

For the sauce:


1. Wash, cut in half and core the cucumbers.

2. Heat ghee in a pan and add ginger, pepper and lemon grass to it. Once it is slightly browned, ill the pan half full with hot water, let it boil and add the cucumber halves. After 10 min place the cucumber on a plate, add salt to it and keep it warm. Sieve the cucumber brew and store it for later.

3. Filling: Heat ghee in a pan, add mustard seeds and wait for them to start popping. Then add paprika and ginger powder. Add the grated squash and the bulgur as well.

4. Stew the mixture for a few minutes, then add 2 or 3 ladles of the cucumber brew and cook the bulgur until soft. Season everything with rock salt, cloves, lemon and soy sauce.

5. Decant the mixture into a piping bag or a clean plastic bag, cut off the tip and ill the stewed cucumber halves with it.

6. Sauce: Heat 350 ml of the cucumber brew with turmeric and salt and let everything boil. Mix rice milk, rice lour and the grated almonds and add the mixture to the boiling brew. Let it thicken a bit while stirring, add pomegranate seeds and dill. Serve hot.