The right diet is a key to a healthy and fulfilled life – and all the more so during a stay in Somatheeram. If you want to improve your health, lose weight or purify the system, you should resort to Ayurvedic cuisine attuned to your particular constitution. Of course, the cuisine also includes non-Ayurvedic dishes from Europe and China.


Integral to each course of Ayurvedic treatment is the appropriate diet. During the initial examination, the Somatheeram doctors compile a personal Ayurvedic diet plan for each guest – in accordance with his/her personal Dosha or constitution. Various types of fruit, freshly pressed juices, exotic spices – all these promise a varied and tasty nutritional regime.


An Ayurvedic meal thrives on the art of composition. The various ingredients are skilfully combined in terms of flavour, colour, consistency and preparation method. The food has a pleasant aroma, stimulates the appetite and contains all six rasas or tastes in carefully measured quantities. An Ayurvedic meal is above all else balanced and in every respect wholesome. For it contains all the ingredients necessary for health: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The preparation method and the combination of foods make the meal particularly agreeable and easy to digest. Roughly 200 different Ayurvedic dishes are available.


Here there is a choice of about 150 dishes. Be they typically southern Indian, European or Chinese – the foods are always fresh, healthy and tasty.


The restaurant displays typical Indian architecture and affords a magnificent view of the sea. A meeting place for guests, it is also the venue for a huge range of cultural events.


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