Effectiveness of ayurvedic massages and pouring of medicated oil on forehead (Dhara)

The study of the Ayurveda therapist Dr. rer. nat. Gianni Alampi examines the effectiveness of Ayurvedic massages and Dhara forehead treatments. Subject of the study was the medical application of Ayurvedic therapy as an alternative healing method.


106 volunteers aged 26 to 88 years were treated with Ayurvedic massage and Dhara forehead treatments and were interviewed about the effects on the day of treatment, on the day after treatment and two days after treatment using a questionnaire. In addition, existing therapies/medications of the volunteers were surveyed to determine whether they could be replaced or reduced by the ayurvedic treatments.


On the day of treatment, 97.2% of the subjects reported relaxation and 93.3% improved mobility after an Ayurvedic massage or a Dhara forehead treatment or a combination of the two. 92.2% reported an improved feeling of warmth (blood circulation), 82.6% a better sleep and 66.2% a reduction of pain. The positive effects of the treatments persisted both on the day after the treatment (43.5% – 73.6%) and on the second day after (17.6 – 39.4%).
The combination of massage and forehead treatments showed significantly longer positive results in pain reduction and sleep improvement than a single massage. Also, with increasing number of applications, the proportion of subjects who could replace or reduce other therapies (medication, physiotherapy, acupuncture) increased.

Title of the study: Effectiveness of ayurvedic massages and pouring of medicated oil on forehead (Dhara)
Author of the study: Dr. rer. nat. Gianni Alampi
Link to the study: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1863867808000097?np=y

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