The late Dr Polly Mathew & Tresa Polly

von Lars Mallwitz, 15. April 2019

The first chapter in Somatheeram’s successful story begins around 1985 in Monheim am Rhein, in Germany. This small town, not far from Düsseldorf, was home to Dr Polly Mathew and his family, the founder and, for many years, managing director of Somatheeram. This was where he developed his plan to introduce Ayurveda to an international(…)

Suresh John Jacob

von Lars Mallwitz, 13. April 2019

It’s difficult to do justice to Suresh John’s importance. He is vital for Somatheeram in a way that is virtually unparalleled. That is why we need to give you a bit of background information to really explain his role within the Somatheeram family. The Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort has experienced a very turbulent, but also(…)

Lars Mallwitz

von Lars Mallwitz, 12. April 2019

Lars is part of the German-Indian management team. He has been part of the Somatheeram family from as early as 2009 and knows the resort like the back of his hand. Whenever a strategic decision has to be made about Somatheeram, his expertise is called upon. Lars also influences countless other avoidable little things that(…)

Ajith Prasad

von Lars Mallwitz, 19. June 2018

For a long time we looked in vain for a general manager who would understand the needs of our clients and who could help shape our corporate social responsibility and exemplify this philosophy through their own day-to-day life. In 2017 we found the ideal recruit in Ajith Prassad. He is passionate about his contribution to(…)