Dr Jobin

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 12. December 2023

Dr. Jobin Babu, a seasoned practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, holds a rich background in holistic healing. His journey commenced in 2012 and has since been marked by a profound dedication to the principles of Ayurveda. As a Senior Medical Officer at Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort and the Head of the Somatheeram Manufacturing Unit, his expertise(…)

Dr Raman

von Lars Mallwitz, 8. September 2019

Describing him as our chief physician is not enough. Even the description “Ayurvedic Director” barely does him justice. After all, Dr Raman has devoted himself heart and soul to Ayurvedic medicine – which he regards as his main purpose in life. No wonder then that he enjoys the highest reputation not just among our guests(…)

Dr. Mollyamma Joseph

von Lars Mallwitz, 18. August 2019

Doctor Molly is a humble, petite lady who has experienced a lot in her life. It is immediately obvious that she puts her heart and soul into her professional work. As a child, she already knew that she wanted to become a doctor and help other people. But it was her father who made the(…)

Dr Sobhanakumari

von Lars Mallwitz, 16. August 2019

Dr Sobhanakumari was already hugely empathetic even as a child. Even then, she says her greatest wish was to bring an end to human suffering. Growing up in a small village, she often came into contact with people whose lives were less privileged than her own. From a very young age, she made it her(…)

Dr Lal

von Janine Grundentaler, 10. July 2019

Dr Lal may be one of our younger doctors, nonetheless, he has quickly won over not just his colleagues but also Somatheeram’s guests thanks to his qualifications and his dedication to his work. His career so far in the international environment and his capable approach to work indicate a hugely promising future for him. Despite(…)

Dr. Sooraj

von Lars Mallwitz, 9. June 2019

“Laughter is the best medicine” or “Laugh more, live longer – and most importantly of all, feel healthier”. These are well-known sayings that will be familiar to everyone. So it’s hardly surprising that you feel better when you are with people who make you laugh with their sense of humour. Someone who has humour running(…)

Dr. Reshmi Chandran

von Lars Mallwitz, 8. June 2019

The most notable thing about Dr. Reshmi is undoubtedly the warmth with which she cares for her patients. She has an incredible ability to sense a person’s mood in a matter of moments. Ayurvedic blood runs through her veins – and maybe that has something to do with her passion for this discipline. Even as(…)

Dr. Kavitha Rani

von Lars Mallwitz, 7. June 2019

“The basic idea of the family is the concept for our society”, says Dr. Kavitha. Ayurveda translates literally as “the science of life”, so it forms the foundation for your approach to professional and family life. “If we are healthy and happy, then so is our society”, she continues. Her moral principles and the strength(…)

Dr. Sameer A.

von Lars Mallwitz, 6. June 2019

Although Dr. Sameer is one of the youngest doctors on our team, he has been with us since 2012 and is a familiar face to most of our returning guests. He’s been winning people over with his cheerful laugh for years. His positive character and also his caring and professional attitude to his patients underscore(…)

Dr Sundareswaran

von Lars Mallwitz, 5. June 2018

As an Ayurvedic centre that is steeped in tradition, we also produce our own medicines here. An experienced team of specialists is responsible for this process, notably Dr Sundareswaran, who oversees quality assurance. He was brought up in the Ayurvedic tradition and even as a child he showed an interest in this Indian therapeutic practice.(…)