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Ayurveda against the cold

von Jons Arampankudy, 15. March 2019
Themen: Ayurveda

Differences in Temperature of up to 10 degrees Celsius during the day and permanent heavy showers turn fall into the perfect cold season. When the Vitamin D supply decreases, our immune system gets weaker as well. Now it is important to strengthen the body from within, to leave no room for pathogens. Or even if(…)

Traditional Tea stall at Somatheeram

von Jons Arampankudy, 19. January 2019
Themen: Resort

Imagine yourself just after an Ayurvedic treatment: You are completely relaxed on this late afternoon and you are aware that you should grant your body some well-deserved rest, however you would also like to enjoy the warm breeze proceeding a beautiful sunset. Our new Open Air Lounge with its traditional Thattukada tea stall invites you(…)

Help 2 Help

von Jons Arampankudy, 11. April 2018
Themen: Resort

For many years now Somatheeram has been supporting numerous charitable projects. One of the projects is the St. Frederiks school in the neighbouring village Adimalathura, which exists since its founding only with the help of friends of Somatheeram, for 18 years now and has been tutoring and assisting more than 200 children free of charge.(…)