Reduction of chronic neck pain with Iyengar Yoga

The aim of this study was to investigate the efficacy of Iyengar Yoga in chronic neck pain. A randomized controlled clinical trial was conducted to compare Iyengar Yoga with a self-care neck exercise program.


77 patients with chronic neck pain and a pain intensity greater than 40 mm on the 100 mm VAS pain scale were randomly divided into a yoga group or a control group. Patients in the yoga group received 90 minutes of therapeutic Iyengar yoga instruction once a week for nine weeks. Patients in the control group received a validated written program for home neck exercises. The main goal was to reduce the intensity of neck pain during rest (measured according to the above pain scale) after 10 weeks. Secondary targets included neck pain in motion, pain sensation, everyday impairment, psychological parameters, and quality of life.


Study results showed significant and clinically relevant improvements in neck pain as well as everyday impairment, pain sensation, mood and quality of life. The study results show that Iyengar Yoga can help patients with chronic neck pain in pain reduction and associated impairment and also has a positive influence on mood, pain perception and quality of life.

Title of the study: Efficacy of Iyengar yoga intervention in patients with chronic neck pain - a randomized controlled trial
Author of the study: Traitteur, Hermann
Link to the study:

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