Why are there two Somatheerams?

von Lars Mallwitz, 20. March 2019
Themen: Fragen zu Somatheeram

Somatheeram was founded by two brothers. The Manaltheeram resort was added at a later date. In 2006 they went their separate ways due to diverging opinions about the strategic direction for the resorts. At that time, Dr. Polly Mathew was the majority owner and he continued to run the Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort facility but with a much stronger emphasis on authentic Ayurveda and traditional healing powers. Since then the resort has been called “Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort”. Over the intervening years it has undergone several improvements and is designed with sustainability in mind. Fair salaries are of fundamental importance to us, in the same way as we focus on a personal touch and strong team spirit. And these values do not go unnoticed by our guests.

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