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von Jons Arampankudy, 11. April 2018
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For many years now Somatheeram has been supporting numerous charitable projects. One of the projects is the St. Frederiks school in the neighbouring village Adimalathura, which exists since its founding only with the help of friends of Somatheeram, for 18 years now and has been tutoring and assisting more than 200 children free of charge.

In addition there are many other relief efforts for which we offer our support, such as re-construction assistance of houses after severe storms or taking over the costs for serious illnesses.

A common denominator of all of our tasks is that our assistance is based on a sustainable and structure creating support. Many of our projects were personally initiated and attended by Dr. Polly Mathew. As for instance a small village hospital in close vicinity to Somatheeram, which has been offering free of charge check-ups and charitable medicines for the needy for almost 10 years now.

In our existing company history we have never openly communicated anything about our charitable activities nor have we actively asked for donations. Merely upon the direct request of guests who have approached us personally regarding any social projects we might know about for which they would like to offer some cash or material donations have then been informed about our projects. The reason for this restraint on our behalf is a simple one: Our main goal in this regard was the help itself and we preferred to offer this help discreetly in the background.

On the occasion of the demise of Dr. Polly Mathew we would like to change this practice: Our intention is to bundle all our charitable projects into an independent foundation dedicated to Dr. Polly Mathew in order to widen the task fi eld of our social activities. In the future we would like to establish and supervise further projects under the consolidation of the foundation with the support of our partners. Individual Agencies and also Indian partners have already promised their support in this regard.

The foundation will be active in the three key sections; education, health and environment. Two of the projects which are already planned for 2016 are for instance; expansion of the library as well as building toilets in the neighbouring fi sher’s village Adimalathura. We would very much appreciate any support you may like to offer. Provided that you might be interested, please contact us for further details. Furthermore it would be our pleasure to invite you to meet the people whom you would be helping in the case of your support.

Thank you!

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