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von Bea-Miriam Brand, 14. April 2022
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We have been asked frequently in recent months how we have fared so far in the pandemic. Many customers have supported us, given us encouragement and even donated money to employees. For this we are incredibly grateful!

Since March 2020, our reality has completely changed from one moment to the next. Answers had to be found promptly to questions that had not arisen before: How do we continue without sales? How can we support our employees? How can we deal with customer bookings in an accommodating manner? We dealt intensively with all the questions in order to find the best possible answers. Due to the uncertainty as to when we would be able to welcome guests again, this was anything but easy. It is true that there were also government programs in India to mitigate the effects of the pandemic. But not to the extent that would have been necessary. It was clear to us that we didn’t want to leave anyone behind!
So we helped where we could – and continue to do so today.

Despite all the tragedy that this crisis has brought, we have always maintained our confident basic attitude. Because we are sure that Ayurveda can make a positive contribution to people’s health – also in the case of Covid. It is from this philosophy that we have embarked on the treatment of Covid-19 after-effects. Initial results are already promising. We will be happy to keep you informed as soon as solid results are available.

In early 2021, we conducted a “soft opening” to welcome back and treat our first ayurveda guests. During this process, our extended hygiene measures were introduced and procedures were redesigned and trained. In addition, all employees have now been double-vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccine. Today we can say: We are ready and looking forward to welcoming you back!

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  • Maria Laura Pedone says:

    We are very happy about these news.
    We hope to come back in Somatheeram as soon as possible.
    Maria Laura Pedone

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