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von Jimson Polly, 5. July 2021
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Dear Friends of Somatheeram!

We – the German-Indian management of the Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort – guarantee to meet the specific hygienic requirements of your Ayurveda treatment within the current circumstances. Our extended hygiene standards are based on the current recommendations of the WHO as well as the local regulations on site. All employees are trained according to European and international recommendations and rules of conduct regarding distance, hygiene and the correct wearing of medical masks. All processes of the resort have been checked for hygiene conformity and are continuously adapted according to international guidelines. Due to our exceptional location and the open construction of sensitive areas, such as treatment rooms and restaurant, there is permanent ventilation throughout Somatheeram („open plan“-design). In some special areas (e.g. in the vehicles for airport transfers) we have additionally installed Hepa air filtration systems, according to the international recommendation as per Hepa H13 / H14. The infection control measures throughout Somatheeram are at the highest European and international level in terms of equipment, execution, and staff training.

I vouch for this as a physician (German medical doctor) and hygiene representative of Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort.

For the Somatheeram Management
Jimson Polly
Medical Doctor




OUR EMPLOYEES ARE DOUBLE VACCINATED: All employees have been vaccinated twice with a
WHO-authorised vaccine. The entire Somatheeram team is fully vaccinated.

REGULAR STAFF ANTIGEN TESTING: In addition to double vaccination, all our staff undergo regular
antigen testing.

FREE ANTIGEN AND PCR TESTING FOR OUR GUESTS: Antigen tests by trained staff are available to our
guests free of charge for stays of 10 days or more. In addition, in cooperation with state-authorised
laboratories, we also offer PCR tests free of charge for stays of 10 days or more.

MEDICAL MASKS: Our staff always wears medical masks. They are provided free of charge to our guests in
the room as well as in various locations such as reception, Ayurveda and restaurant.

HAND DISINFECTION: Contactless disinfection dispensers are located in all major areas of the resort. Portable
hand disinfection bottles are available for our guests in the rooms and at the reception.

DISINFECTION OF PUBLIC AREAS: All public and non-public areas are disinfected on a regular basis.

RELIABLE SURFACE DISINFECTION: All surfaces are cleaned with approved disinfectants effective against
Corona viruses.

MEDICAL CARE: We cooperate with a renowned private clinic equipped according to international standards.






AIRPORT TRANSFER & VEHICLES: All our vehicles are thoroughly disinfected before and after each
use. Our drivers wear medical masks during the entire trip. Driver and guest cabs are separated.
Each vehicle has a class H13 / H14 Hepa filter system according to international recommendations.
Hand sanitizer, gloves and medical masks are provided in the vehicle for each guest.
CHECK-IN: Our reception is open plan and well ventilated. Attention is paid to spacing and check-in
is contactless to the greatest extent possible.
LUGGAGE: Luggage is disinfected upon arrival and provided to the guest in the room.
ROOMS: All rooms are adequately ventilated, disinfected, and locked prior to arrival. During occupancy,
all critical contact surfaces such as door handles, light switches, etc. are cleaned particularly
CHECK-OUT: Upon departure, each guest will receive a medical travel kit consisting of medical
masks, gloves and hand sanitizer.

RESTAURANT: Due to the open design of our restaurant there is sufficient ventilation. Each guest is
assigned a seat with sufficient distance to other guests. The place setting is provided individually in
accordance with hygienic standards.
BUFFET: The buffet is separated by a plexiglass pane and is arranged and served by our service staff
according to our clients wishes.
ROOM SERVICE: The room service will remain the same. Our service staff will not enter the room.
The order will be delivered in front of the room.

AYURVEDA CENTER: The waiting area of our Ayurveda Center is open plan and well ventilated.
Each guest is assigned a seat with sufficient distance from other guests. All consultation rooms are
continuously ventilated and disinfected several times a day.
TREATMENT ROOMS: All Treatment Rooms are intensively cleaned, ventilated, and disinfected before
and after each treatment.
THERAPISTS & TREATMENT: All therapists are vaccinated and wear medical masks (not mouth
guards) during treatment. Our therapists are intensively trained in all required hygiene standards.
YOGA & MEDITATION: Our yoga halls are open plan and always well ventilated. Care is taken to
ensure adequate spacing between participants. Yoga mats are disinfected before use.

BEACH: The beach is open to Somatheeram guests in the specially circumscribed area. All beach
chairs are disinfected before each use.
SWIMMING POOL: Our swimming pool is also open for use. Care is taken to ensure adequate
spacing for sun loungers. Each guest towel is cleaned after use according to the hygiene protocol.

DAY TRIPS: We currently do not recommend any day trips.
EXTERNAL SERVICES: We are happy to arrange personal consultations with tailors and other service
providers at the resort upon request. The service providers will undergo antigen tests beforehand.


We reserve the right to adapt the measures in the event of new regulations or findings.


Stand: 14.09.2021

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