Aekalavya Aswathy Rekha

von Lars Mallwitz, 19. June 2018

Aekalavya Aswathy Rekha began her yoga training at the age of 21. But she did not make a definitive commitment to yoga until she was 33. After intense training, she now designs her courses to be particularly challenging both at a physical and mental level.

As a female yoga teacher, she is something of a rarity in India. Until a few decades ago, women were not even permitted to learn the noble art of yoga. This changed when Sri tirumalai Krishnamacharya, the forefather of modern yoga, took on a western woman as his pupil.

What good fortune that he chose to do this because it paved the way for Aekalavya Aswathy Rekha to join the Somatheeram family as a yoga teacher in 2016.

“Yoga has become my passion, so I regard it as a life inspiration and as a means to get to know yourself. All of my lessons are imbued with a love of yoga and for my students.”

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