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von Bea-Miriam Brand, 12. December 2023

Dr. Jobin Babu, a seasoned practitioner of Ayurvedic medicine, holds a rich background in holistic healing. His journey commenced in 2012 and has since been marked by a profound dedication to the principles of Ayurveda. As a Senior Medical Officer at Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort and the Head of the Somatheeram Manufacturing Unit, his expertise extends across various domains, including pain management, sports injuries, mind-related disorders, arthritis, lifestyle disorders and skin treatments. Dr. Jobin’s inspiration for the Ayurveda path arose from the work of the revered Dr. Polly Mathew Arampankudy, founder of Somatheeram. His role model teachings ignited a passion for Ayurveda, nurturing a deep-rooted interest in exploring and practicing this ancient healing system.


Personal Journey: An Evolution in Healing

Throughout his journey, Dr. Jobin has found profound fulfilment in witnessing the remarkable transformations Ayurveda has brought to people’s lives. Collaborating with esteemed practitioners in this ancient field has not only refined his diagnostic expertise but has also shaped his approach to patient care with compassion and effectiveness.

His commitment to healing extends beyond conventional boundaries. Dr. Jobin’s integration of physiotherapy into Ayurvedic treatments and his active involvement in community health camps reflect his dedication to a holistic approach to health and his passion for community well-being.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, he relentlessly pursues growth by staying abreast of the latest developments in Ayurveda through medical journals, seminars and specialized certifications. Dr. Jobin holds a vision of elevating Ayurveda to global recognition. His aspirations extend to bridging the chasm between traditional wisdom and modern healthcare, envisioning a future built on rigorous research and stringent quality control.


A Balanced Lifestyle: Key to Well-being

In his personal life, Dr. Jobin follows Ayurvedic practices diligently, aligning daily routines with seasonal variations. His diverse interests in sports and outdoor activities have deepened his understanding of sports injuries and their Ayurvedic remedies.

Through his unwavering dedication and holistic approach, Dr. Jobin Babu stands as an ambassador for Ayurvedic healing. His belief in Ayurveda’s transformative power resonates in every success story, making Ayurveda not just a healing system but a way of life — an invitation to embrace well-being, balance and harmony.

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