Dr Lal

von Janine Grundentaler, 10. July 2019

Dr Lal may be one of our younger doctors, nonetheless, he has quickly won over not just his colleagues but also Somatheeram’s guests thanks to his qualifications and his dedication to his work. His career so far in the international environment and his capable approach to work indicate a hugely promising future for him.

Despite his comparatively young age, Dr Lal S Kesari already has a remarkable medical career behind him. After studying Ayurvedic medicine for 6 years at a university in Kerala, he began his career as an Ayurvedic doctor at a resort in the town of Kovalam, just a few kilometres from Somatheeram.
After a few years, he was drawn to the international environment, which has led to an extended period spent working with clients from all over the world in various well-known resorts.

Dr Lal has been part of the Somatheeram family since early 2012 and has quickly proven himself within our team of physicians. He is now our Medical Officer and has ambitious plans for his professional career. In his own words, he felt a vocational calling to the medical profession and he emphasises his enthusiasm and loyalty to Ayurvedic medicine. Consequently, he is constantly seeking to further his own education, not just to quench his thirst for knowledge but also to impart a feeling of confidence in his patients that they find themselves in capable hands.

“Care, knowledge and commitment are my mantra when it comes to my career. Each of these three pillars combine to form the foundations on which I can practise Ayurvedic medicine with a clear conscience!”

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