Dr. Reshmi Chandran

von Lars Mallwitz, 8. June 2019
Ayurveda Physician Dr Reshmi

The most notable thing about Dr. Reshmi is undoubtedly the warmth with which she cares for her patients. She has an incredible ability to sense a person’s mood in a matter of moments. Ayurvedic blood runs through her veins – and maybe that has something to do with her passion for this discipline.
Even as a child, Dr. Reshmi wanted to become a doctor and help alleviate the suffering of as many people as possible. She has experienced for herself how effective Ayurvedic treatment is and she recognises that this approach can successfully treat most illnesses if it is applied correctly with support and commitment from everyone involved. Without any side effects and without harmful drugs.
This realisation and her many years of experience as an Ayurvedic doctor confirm her view that empathetic and professional care and support are crucial for any successful treatment.
We are proud to have Dr. Reshmi’s vital support for our team and are constantly appreciative of her personality and professional approach, which leave a lasting impact on all our guests.

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