Dr. Sooraj

von Lars Mallwitz, 9. June 2019
Ayurveda Physician Dr. Sooraj in India

“Laughter is the best medicine” or “Laugh more, live longer – and most importantly of all, feel healthier”. These are well-known sayings that will be familiar to everyone. So it’s hardly surprising that you feel better when you are with people who make you laugh with their sense of humour. Someone who has humour running in their blood is Doctor Sooraj. Despite his sense of humour, he is a specialist in his area who always takes his patients seriously and listens to them calmly and patiently.
Doctor Sooraj grew up at a hill station in the Western Ghats area of Kerala and his great dream as a child was to become a policeman, who would take care of law and order for people. But until he began his studies, even he did not really believe his life could be so enriched by a profession that is dedicated to serving others. During his time as a student of Ayurveda, he was deployed to various public hospitals in rural areas in India, and this proved to be a valuable experience that really kindled his passion for this holistic discipline. The sincere and profound gratitude of the patients he saw during these placements made a great impression on him.
Following his initial experiences at a clinic in India, his career took him to Oman, where he got a taste of international life for a few years. Although Doctor Sooraj has not been part of a team for long, his experience with international clientele and the humour and ease with which he approaches his work have already made him a great asset for our resort.

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