von Lars Mallwitz, 17. May 2018

The philosopher Shree Rajesh hit the nail on the head when he said, “Massage is needed in a world from which love and physical contact have disappeared.” Abhyangam (which translates as: anointment and lubrication) gives people both of these back. Ayurvedic massage with medicinal herb oil is unique and restores vitality to the body.

Abhyangam is an indispensable component of a Panchakarma treatment. It stimulates the vital life force (Prana) within the body. This helps nourish and revitalise all the organs, removes toxins and stimulates lymphatic circulation. The whole-body oil massage calms the nervous system, strengthens the entire muscular system and invigorates the internal organs via reflex zones in the skin. In addition, the ageing process is slowed, and prematurely aged tissues are rejuvenated.

The massage is performed by two therapists who treat the entire body in synchrony with the herb oil. The direction of the massage corresponds to the blood circulation.

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