What is new in Somatheeram?

von Lars Mallwitz, 15. August 2018
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After our renovation period last year, we introduced our new Deluxe Cottages and several other additions to you. This year once again, we have bent over backwards in our efforts to lift the Somatheeram experience to the next level.

The most important change might be the reconstruction of the Ayurveda Center. New consultation rooms, a second waiting area and an interactive show production complete our Ayurvedic centerpiece. Now you can experience how our herbal pastes and Kizhi bundles are freshly prepared.

The restaurant also shines in new splendor, as not only the roof has been completely replaced, but we also installed a warm and cozy indirect lightning. The buffet comes along with a new design, which makes grabbing a bite even more appealing now. Furthermore, the pool has been tiled completely and has been surrounded by a new, non-slippery surface.

As a last step, we approached the Standard Cottages in the upper part of the property. The rooms have been realigned and furnished with new closets. By utilizing the available space to its utmost capacity the Cottages now offer more room and the newly built-in bay windows create a brighter atmosphere.

As you can see, there have been many changes this summer. We set many things in motion to lead our guests a step closer to paradise during their time spent in Somatheeram. What does this mean for you? Well, why don’t you just pack your bags and ensure that you experience the innovations in our resort! We look forward to your feedback!

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