Aloe Vera – an all-rounder

von Lars Mallwitz, 9. June 2018
Themen: Ayurveda | Nutrition

It is likely that Aloe Vera originated from the Arabian Peninsula. Written documentation about the short-stemmed succulent plant go back to the first century A.D. Its
thick, fleshy leaves have small white teeth and are graced with red or yellow flowers during summer time.

Aloe Vera cures skin diseases and is often used to heal burn marks. It aims at reducing swellings, inflammation and pain when applied to the affected area. Therefore, it is commonly processed in cosmetics, to sooth the skin and prevent puffy eyes. Applying fresh Aloe Vera juice to ulcers, burns or fungal infections, leads to instant relief. Another external form of usage is treatment of dandruff.

Aloe Vera has even more benefits when taken internally. It can improve the healing process of stomach disorders, inter alia, by reducing acidity. The diverse plant functions as a laxative by reducing constipation.
Aloe Vera juice even made its mark in the food industry, known to prevent us from fungus, influenza viruses and high fever. Thus, it is no surprise that Aloe Vera cannot be missing in the preparation of almost all toxicology decoctions and various medicines in toxicology.

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