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The Art of Ayurvedic Manifestation: End-of-Year resolutions for well-being

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 13. December 2023
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As we approach the end of another year, it’s natural for us to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. In Ayurveda, the ancient system of medicine which originated in India thousands of years ago, this time of year holds special significance. Ayurveda believes that our well-being is deeply connected to the(…)

In Memory of Ruth Werner

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 24. April 2023
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Ruth Werner – The Swiss roots of Somatheeram! Sometimes it is simply many, small coincidences that add up to something big. This is also the case with the founding story of Somatheeram. Ruth Werner is one of the formative people without whom the Somatheeram would not have existed.   From the idea to the decision:(…)

Spring energy for body and soul

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 24. April 2023
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Spring – time of change Spring, a new chance, a new life, a new beginning. Vasant is the Sanskrit name for spring and stands for joy, freshness or new strength. Many people perceive spring as a time of new beginnings and renewal, closely connected with the hope of brightness, warmth, bright colors and a blossoming(…)

Ayurvedic skin care treatment in winter

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 22. December 2022
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Winter skin care In the winter time, cold temperatures and dry heating air do not leave our sensitive facial skin unscathed. It usually reacts with dryness and impurities and significantly loses its radiance compared to summer. Especially in winter, we should take time for our skin on a regular basis. Treat yourself to a recovery(…)

Ayurvedic through the winter

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 22. December 2022
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The days are gradually getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping steadily – it is wintertime. Winter brings immense changes and has a significant influence on our well-being as well as on our way of life. Our organism needs more energy in the winter months to keep the body temperature constant and to protect itself(…)

Insights from the Somatheeram

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 14. April 2022
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We have been asked frequently in recent months how we have fared so far in the pandemic. Many customers have supported us, given us encouragement and even donated money to employees. For this we are incredibly grateful! Since March 2020, our reality has completely changed from one moment to the next. Answers had to be(…)

International entry to India possible again

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 27. September 2021
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UPDATE (12.10.2021):   Dear friends of Somatheeram, we are pleased to inform you that a stay at our Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort with a tourist visa will be possible again from 15.11.2021. If you wish to arrive before this date, you can still use a Medical Visa. _____________________________________________________   Dear friends of Somatheeram, We have(…)

Ayurveda & Corona – Useful tips for everyday life

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 4. May 2020
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As a traditional medical science Ayurveda is based on two different pillars. The goal of the millennium-old holistic science is to maintain health through prevention and the healing of diseases. Especially today, in the time of the worldwide pandemic caused by the corona virus, Ayurveda offers many possibilities to strengthen the immune system with the(…)

Planning reliability despite Covid-19

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 5. March 2020
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Dear customers, The current situation of corona disease (Covid-19) naturally leads to general uncertainty as to whether you would like to take advantage of your forthcoming stay at Somatheeram or would prefer to postpone it. We are also frequently contacted by our rebookers: Most of our guests book up to a year in advance. Many(…)