Onam – a cultural highlight

von Lars Mallwitz, 17. September 2018
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Onam is considered the thanksgiving of Hinduism and is enthusiastically celebrated all over Kerala. According to the belief, king Mahabali returned home on Onam. He ruled Kerala during its golden age in ancient times, when people were happy, carefree and lived in perfect harmony. The golden age came to an end when god Vishnu, disguised as Vamana, banned king Mahabali deeply into the ground. Deeply moved by Mahabali’s honesty and generosity, Vamana granted him the wish to visit the kingdom and his subjects once a year.

The 10-days festival happens every year during the Malayalam month ‘Chingam’ which is some- time during August and September, according to our calendar. This year Onam starts on August 28th. The festival begins with Atham, the first day of Onam and ends with Thiuvonam. People wear new cloths, decorate their houses with e.g. flower carpets or ‘Pookalam’, to welcome king Mahabali. Pujas take place in the temples and entire Kerala celebrates a splendorous festival with 21 homemade curry dishes and sweet Payasam served on banana leafs. Astonishing processions with elephants, fireworks, music and the renowned Kathakalli dances are historically connected to Onam.

Staying at Somatheeram during Onam is a very unique experience, which you surely will remember for a long time. Apart from the Ayurveda treatment you have time to explore Kerala’s culture during its most beautiful period.

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