Dr. Kavitha Rani

von Lars Mallwitz, 7. June 2019
Ayurveda Physician Dr Kavitha

“The basic idea of the family is the concept for our society”, says Dr. Kavitha. Ayurveda translates literally as “the science of life”, so it forms the foundation for your approach to professional and family life. “If we are healthy and happy, then so is our society”, she continues. Her moral principles and the strength she draws from interpersonal bonds support the values that are immediately apparent in her work.
Dr. Kavitha radiates calm and contentment and this constitutes an essential cornerstone in the relationship of mutual trust she builds with her patients. Her dedication and presence as a doctor and as a human being also add to the feeling that you are in good hands. Body and soul are regarded as one in Ayurveda and that is why she considers each patient as a whole, rather than simply focusing on their illness. Thanks to her basic philosophy, she has quickly risen to the challenge of overcoming her initial deference working in a resort with international clients and now she understands: all that anyone needs is love.

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