Dr Sobhanakumari

von Lars Mallwitz, 16. August 2019

Dr Sobhanakumari was already hugely empathetic even as a child. Even then, she says her greatest wish was to bring an end to human suffering.

Growing up in a small village, she often came into contact with people whose lives were less privileged than her own. From a very young age, she made it her mission to help these people. And today she continues to be grateful to her parents and siblings for supporting her with this endeavour.

But why become an Ayurvedic doctor? Why not the far more popular western medical approach? It’s important to understand that people in the rural areas of India only trust traditional medicine. There are no modern hospitals or clinics in these areas and people are only familiar with traditional healing methods. These are passed down from one generation to the next. As a result, many people still do not accept western medicine today. We are talking mostly about people from the very poorest regions here. Illness and infection can spread like wildfire here. But it was exactly these people who Dr Sohbhanakumari wanted to help. And that was only possible with the traditional Ayurvedic approach.
25 For many years Dr Sohbhanakumari worked at the state medical institute. But she wasn’t interested in retirement at the end of this time. She was convinced she still had too many things to achieve. And at exactly that moment, Kerala’s then Ayurveda Director recommended her for a position being advertised at Somatheeram.

Today she is a huge asset for Somatheeram: both for guests and also for her medical colleagues. And what became of her intention to help needy people from small villages? This hasn’t been forgotten. Along with her husband and her entire family, Dr Sobhanakumari does a great deal to promote charitable causes by collecting donations, giving out food and looking after medical care. And her commitment has clearly been passed on as her son has become a doctor too. He is already following in his mother’s footsteps.

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