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von Janine Grundentaler, 3. September 2018
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The smell of herbs and the crackling of fire are the first things you notice as soon as you enter the Somatheeram production center. Traditional Ayurveda is free of any preservatives; therefore, we use fresh ingredients to produce our own medicine on a daily basis. Trained staff are stirring boiling oil in enormous bowls for hours. Dr. Sundareswaran, Ayurveda physician and Quality controller, is monitoring the process and giving further instructions if necessary. That is how it all started – hard manual work. Since 2013, we have a second production unit, which is predominantly mechanized. The effect of our medicine has been significantly increased by that step.

We started the production center with traditional manufacturing processes, later we adapted mechanical production methods and now use a combination of both. Being one of the first Ayurvedic resorts, authentic Ayurveda is our biggest concern. Therefore, we choose the most suitable production process for each medicine and its ingredients. For some of the products it is very important that the ingredients are extremely pulverized. These medicines we produce mechanized, to enlarge the surface of the ingredient. This makes the end product much more effective, without any change of the traditional recipes of the medicine. The feedback of our guests proves us right: our Ayurvedic medicine significantly contributes to their recovery!

Our ingredients come from local suppliers and we check these on a regular basis. Mostly used are Aloe Vera, Holy Basil, gooseberry, ginger, Malabar nut, coconut oil, etc. The list is very long, because many plants have healing powers that have been used in India for thousands of years, but are still unknown in the western world.

Dr. Sundareswaran shows us his office, which is decorated with various certificates and explains: “From the beginning on we check the quality of raw materials before accepting if from the venders. Medicine samples from each batch are tested in our chemistry lab and I personally examine the quality before packing. Moreover, we approach independent, government approved laboratories for further testing and the government also conducts regular quality controls of the products, the production center and our work standards here. We can proudly say that our Ayurveda is not only authentic but also certified!”

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