Suresh John Jacob

von Lars Mallwitz, 13. April 2019

It’s difficult to do justice to Suresh John’s importance. He is vital for Somatheeram in a way that is virtually unparalleled. That is why we need to give you a bit of background information to really explain his role within the Somatheeram family.

The Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort has experienced a very turbulent, but also definitely constructive and positive, evolution. One significant recent upheaval was undoubtedly the gradual transferral of the management of the Ayurvedic resort from its founders, Dr Polly Mathew and Tresa Arampankudy, to their sons.

By Indian standards, Dr Polly Mathew had an unusual management style: not only was he concerned about the needs of the resort, he also cared about its staff and the environment around Somatheeram, for instance through his “Help2help” aid project.

As his responsibilities were transferred to his sons, it has become clear that this management style not only lives on but is firmly embedded in the company’s culture. And this is precisely where Suresh John plays his part. He has a firm understanding of these crucial values and also the requisite management experience.

Since 2014, Suresh John has effectively been an extended branch of the owner family with responsibility for institutionalising our corporate social responsibility. Since then, Somatheeram has introduced changes that are not just visible to our guests but, in particular, positive developments have been implemented behind the scenes – quite specifically for our staff.

We are grateful to have Suresh as part of the Somatheeram family.

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