Ayurvedic through the winter

von Bea-Miriam Brand, 22. December 2022
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The days are gradually getting shorter and the temperatures are dropping steadily – it is wintertime. Winter brings immense changes and has a significant influence on our well-being as well as on our way of life. Our organism needs more energy in the winter months to keep the body temperature constant and to protect itself from the frosty temperatures. Especially warm clothing, which curbs the loss of energy, and a high-energy diet are urgently needed. The typical cold of the season makes our body react with a contraction of the pores as well as the subcutaneous tissues and brings the lost heat to the digestive tract, which increases the appetite by means of the Pitta increase. Accordingly, a strong digestive power is essential in winter so that the more energetic foods, which are often somewhat heavier than Kapha stressed as well, can be made available to the body. The digestive power (Agni), can be increased as well as supported by special spices such as cinnamon, ginger and clove.


Nutritional recommendations for cold days

Spices, which warm from the inside out, are optimal for us in the cold season. They support with a sluggish metabolism and drive away the unpopular winter blues. Fragrant vanilla, which enchants us with its fantastic aromas, fiery chili powder, which really heats us up or warming cinnamon. Spices not only stimulate our senses with their essential oils, but also provide extensive vital substances and have a pronounced influence on our digestive fire. Consequently, different spices can have warming, stimulating or digestive effects and it is these beneficial effects that you should take advantage of during the winter months.

As a general rule, avoid large amounts of foods that increase Vata or Kapha immensely during the winter months. Also, make sure that your meals include all six flavors, according to your constitution and digestive power. In any case, refrain from skipping meals or fasting and prefer warm soups and stews.


Winter skin care

In the winter time, cold temperatures and dry heating air do not leave our sensitive facial skin unscathed. It usually reacts with dryness and impurities and significantly loses its radiance compared to summer. Especially in winter, we should take time for our skin on a regular basis. Treat yourself to a recovery phase for your skin with a pampering program at home in an atmospheric setting, with relaxing music, candlelight and tea. By the way; drinking plenty of fluids moisturizes the skin from the inside and helps with regeneration.

Our tip: Pamper your skin with a homemade ayurvedic face mask; here you will find the link to our recipes.


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