von Lars Mallwitz, 19. June 2018

He is as much a part of Somatheeram as the palm trees and the sound of the sea. James has been a yoga master at the Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort for 12 years and is hugely popular with our guests. Not least because he radiates calm through his very nature. Last year he almost took a different career path.
Despite his huge interest in yoga, James Varghese successfully acquired a business studies qualification, however, he rapidly realised that yoga was his one true passion. He acquired his public certification in yoga techniques, holistic health concepts and stress management and planned his future career accordingly. In 2013 he achieved second place in the southern Indian Yogasana championship, which brought him fame throughout Kerala.
He is now 68 years old and teaches traditional Hatha yoga to small groups and individuals. In 2014 we were forced to manage without him for several months because James volunteered to manage the construction of an old people’s home. This involved truly pioneering work as old people’s homes are far from conventional in India. His passion for yoga remained steadfast, however, and he was welcomed back with open arms into the Somatheeram family.
During his 46 years of yoga experience, he discovered his very own special yoga pose: in the Savasana pose you lie on your back with palms facing upwards, then you simply relax and compose yourself. This exercise releases both mental and physical tension, says James. That’s how relaxing yoga can be!

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